There are 670 pressure points, 164 joints, and over 84000 skin pores in a body; and one must train to stimulate those pressure points, move every joint, and sweat through those pores. All forms and techniques are designed to do exactly that. This is how one can achieve a strong body that leads to a healhful and revitalizing life of a martial artist


If a physical practice is what makes you strong, it is thought mental excercises that make you a smart martial artist. All practitioners are recomended to “memorize” all their forms (eempty-handed and if applicable, weapons) and techniques in their head. These “memory-enhancing” excercises not only keep you sharp mentally, but also prepare your body to a quicker reaction and reflex. After all, body can only be as quick as your mind is.


It is not enough to be a strong and smart martial artist, because there are many people in the world who promote martial arts with much aggression and brutality. A true martial artist knows how to control ones emotions, throughts and ultimately, the surroundings and circumstances. It is easier to be angry then be calm, it is easier to be aggressive than be gentle, it is easier to argue back than just listen, it is easier to blame someone else than to self examin, etc. your ability to “control” whatever you are facing – your emotions, oppnent, situations etc – is what allows you to step further into a mastery of martial arts training. All practitioners are advised to spend at least 30 minutes of “meditation” ki breathing time to allow your body to rest and recuperate and your mind to prepare.

  • Achievement – Helps you to try your best in all situations. This could be to help you achieve better grades at school or to succeed in your job and in your life in general? You can find out how your life can be improved in the world of martial arts in more ways than just “getting fit”

  • Self-Defence – We will teach you to think rather than panic in potentially dangerous situations. It will give you the confidence to walk away from conflict or to never let the situation develop in the first place. This, combined with specialised self-defence techniques will make you able to effectively protect both yourself and your family.

  • Self-Discipline – We help you to set goals and to stay with them. You will learn to draw upon your own inner strength to succeed. Lessons are dynamic and challenging and offer something for everyone. Therefore, if you are athletic or awkward, shy or outgoing, energetic or simply out of shape there’s something for everyone.

  • Self-Confidence – Helps you to develop your self-confidence by helping you to reach your goals as you develop your Martial Arts skills!

  • Co-ordination – Will develop your sense of balance, agility, poise, dexterity and all round co-ordination

  • Health and Fitness – It will increase your stamina, expand your cardiovascular fitness and improve your overall physical and mental condition. We also have an online healthy eating plan to assist you with your health and fitness

  • Respect – We place a lot of emphasis on respect and good manners and we encourage all of our students to treat others how they wish to be treated themselves.