Testimonial off one of the parents out of our children’s class

My son started Kuk Sool in Holly Lodge, West Derby, when he was 5 years old. He attends every Saturday morning and has been learning this traditional Korean Martial Arts for about 6 months now. He really enjoys learning new techniques, kicks and holds in this Art.

As his Dad watching him every week, I have notice him progressing all the time. I’ve seen a big difference in his confidence; he is meeting new friends and is getting a good amount of exercise with it. When I first took him along to the class, he was a bit weary and shy but Alison introduced herself to us straight away and made him feel really welcome (for which she does with everyone).  Her attitude is very professional, friendly and strict. She is very good at what she does, and always explains patiently and slowly what she is going to practice and why that day to the children. Alison  is brilliant, taking extra-time to repeat difficult moves so the child can grasp what she/he has to do.

As a parent I am really pleased with how the class is run. They never put pressure on the children, they make it fun for them, but also teach them a highly thought-of Martial Art Form. My son looks forward to going to the classes and learning. Long may it continue