A really heart warming testimonial off one of our parents

I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone how fantastic children’s class is, and how thankful as a family, we are to be part of Kuk Sool. My son Riley started Kuk Sool 2 yrs ago. we had tried other martial arts schools but his concentration was so bad that he was at the same level a year later as when he first started. We then discovered this new school & straight away we could see a massive difference & Riley loved it from the start. KSN Allison Mountaine is not only amazing in everything she teaches but has such a wonderful way with the children, that Riley, along with everyone else, have gone from strength to strength. The last 2 yrs have been so hard for Riley & us as a family, as we lost our daughter not long before Riley began Kuk Sool. We are so grateful that he had something positive he enjoyed to focus on.

Our youngest son Freddie has just joined the beginners class, amazingly they manage to keep his attention and focus for the whole of class which as any parent of a 4 yr old boy will know this is a huge achievement in itself, which is all due to the manner in how hes taught and the patience of the instructors. Each week I leave amazed at what they have taught my son and could not be more proud. I want to thank you, KSN Allison for everything you have given to my boys and for all you continue to do.